Embedded automation. Powered by self-learning algorithms.

Propel your ERP or accounting software to market leading position regarding data entry automation from financial documents. No dependency on resource-demanding training or maintenance of machine learning models. 

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The perfect match for the aspiring market leader

Power your existing products with self-learning automation capabilities. Build new products that have not previously been possible. Doesn't matter if you have a smooth bookkeeping app for the small business owner or an advanced ERP software for the professional heavy user  - diversify from your competition by creating offerings leveraging your strengths.


Rapid production

Decide on desired user experience and consume the AzoraOne API microservices in selected touch points of your service. Launch within weeks.


Predictive Outcome

Once integrated; lean back and let the algorithms take care of the template modelling. No data drift issues, no retraining of models.


Future Proof Offering

Autonomous model building on company-level means data compliance and enablement of extraction of company-subjective data. 


Remove a neglected pain through

Business-specific sorting of incoming documents

No chain is stronger than its weakest link - so the old sayin' goes. Automation of business document flows is no different. Yet most automation solutions ignore one of the most common tasks in the daily life of a bookkeeper or business worker - the sorting and categorization of business documents.

Separate non-bookkeeping documents from bookkeeping documents. Display bookkeeping documents in the verification series where they belong. AzoraOne rapidly learns how to sort incoming files according to every business’ needs.

Total Amount$1.751,39VAT & Taxes$350,28Invoice NumberINV101355912Invoice Date2020-08-25Due Date2020-09-24Our RefKeira GrantYour RefAlan ShowsOffice Space LtdSupplier ID: 121ReceiptsOtherBillsMyAccountingSoftware

Relieve your customers from tedious manual data entry

Extraction of base data

Present automatically populated fields regarding invoice data such as vendor, date, due date, invoice number, total amount and tax/VAT. Real-time extraction right in the user interface of your ERP/accounting software. Offer the bookkeeper a step into the world of self-learning software – with zero learning curve for the human. 

No outsourcing of data entry, no back-office humans. Just pure algorithm-driven technology. 


Leave your competitors in the dust

User-Adaptive Coding

Take your software beyond the shortcomings of machine learning models deciding on one account for net total based on population data. With AzoraOne integrated, your ERP/Accounting software will learn the end user’s choice of accounts on a company level. By observing company specific bookings, the software will learn to automatically populate the data entry fields for one, two or more accounts. 

AzoraOne is all about adapting to the expert’s own work, not about enforcing data-sacrificing standardizations. 

Accounts Office Rent 5010 - $1.143,00 Electricity 5020 - $243,11 Parking 5090 - $15,00
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Build competitive moats and customer loyalty with

custom Resources

Custom Resources puts you, the integration partner, in the driver's seat: Create new resources and populate them with parameters tailored to your customers' specific needs, extracting only the relevant data depending on document type. Allowing you to offer automated solutions for non-bookkeeping documents flowing through your software.

AzoraOne Custom Resources enable you to differentiate from the competition –  promoting customer acquisition, product stickiness and end-user satisfaction. 

Your success is our success

Pricing that leverages your strengths

To us, you're a long-term partner. We want you to thrive. That's why we go to extensive lengths to meet your criterias for success and to blend in perfectly with your strategy.

We believe a well-crafted pricing model leveraging the strengths of your business model is key to our mutual success. Let us know how we can create the perfect model for you.

Fixed price per customer

Subscription-based model

Fixed price per document

Transaction-based model

Free trial

For customers trying out your service

Staggered volume pricing

Increase margins as you grow

Revenue share

Fixed percentage


what our customers say

Well, we actually call them partners - we regard every collaboration as a long-term relationship.

Magnus Wilhelmsson

Briljant Ekonomisystem - Swedish accounting software vendor with +60.000 customers
"AzoraOne brings value above new revenue streams. In essence, to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded space."

Henry Arousell

Björn Lundén AB - Accountant-centric software provider serving +100.000 Swedish SMEs
"We are firm believers in AzoraOne's value proposition. In fact, so much that we're building our new platform around it."

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